Over the years,
David has received hundreds of letters of appreciation from happy clients.


What People Think of Us

“Our Botswana safari was magnificent! Every day was special. Our guides were exceptional, and made each drive come alive. The staff at each camp were so kind, friendly, and helpful, and made us feel welcome.  Honestly, I could not have asked for more!”

~Susan M. (North Vancouver, BC)

“Our Botswana game sightings were simply amazing, both in proximity and in frequency! We were very impressed with all our guides, and enjoyed relocating from camp to camp, to experience regional variations. It was particularly nice that you shared so much personal knowledge of African game and bird species.”

~Harold C. (Vancouver, BC)

“Now that my father has also passed away, I’d like to express my thanks for the memorable times my parents had on your tours. They really enjoyed their many trips with you. Their confidence in you made me feel better, knowing they were in good hands while travelling in distant places!”

~Bruce Z. (North Vancouver, BC)

“Our bodies are back here, but our minds and hearts are still in Africa! Thank you for a truly wonderful trip that far exceeded expectations. If we’d seen only one-tenth of what we actually saw, we’d have been happy. We never expected to be eye to eye with so many wild animals and live to tell the tale!”

~Tony D. and Marjorie C. (Whitehorse, YK)


On safari in Botswana.

On safari in Botswana.

“You were such a gracious host and stunningly expert in putting together a tremendous itinerary with a flawless delivery.  Your adeptness and leadership certainly draw an amazing and fun following.  Please add Larry’s and my names to your fan club!  We are now dedicated promoters—although we don’t want you to be SO popular that there will be no space for us in the future!”

~Sharon M. (Fort Langley, BC)

“Your Egypt and Jordan tour was an absolutely wonderful tour, which I enjoyed so much. Must admit, I was somewhat dubious about taking a tour, but Pam convinced me to give a David Skillan tour a try, and I'm so glad she did, and I did! A David Skillan tour is the way to go!”

~Colleen T. (Victoria, BC)

“How does one say thank you for the trip of a lifetime? You showed us a part of the world that has given us a very different view of our world. It was a life-altering experience! Thank you for your expert guidance and for making the tour a superior experience. We're looking forward to getting your video, because we know it will greatly enhance ours!”

~Larry and Anita F. (Langley, BC)


Enjoying a moment in Kenya

Enjoying a moment in Kenya.

“Much of the credit for our unforgettable holiday goes to you. For years I have heard from my parents and an uncle and aunt how good your tours were, and now I know why you're simply the best!”

~Donna B. (Calgary, AB)

“Thanks so much for another awesome trip! Egypt and Jordan were phenomenal. Every day was an adventure, well planned, and full of memorable experiences—one of your many talents!”

~Pat and Gerry R. (Coldstream, BC)

“Such a nice surprise to open my mail and see all those pictures you took—the picnic under the trees, elephants at the waterhole, lions beside our vehicles, the lovely tented camp. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be on Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains surrounded on all sides by wildebeest and zebra as far as the eye could see. Thanks again for smoothing out all the kinks and ups and downs of traveling in Africa.”

~Marion C. (Tsawwassen, BC)

Enjoying a drink in South Africa

Relaxing with a drink in South Africa.

“How fortunate we are to have you not only lead the tours, but also film and record them for us. All we have to do is sit back and watch them over and over again.”

~Bill and Elizabeth M. (Edmonton, AB)

“We watched the DVD last night, and it is such a wonderful souvenir of the trip, which was beyond our wildest dreams. The best holiday ever! Loved every minute of it. We had high expectations, and it exceeded every one of them. Only on a David Skillan tour!”

~Jack and Gail C. (Sechelt, BC)

On tour in China

Dressing up for Ancient Egypt Night.

 “You epitomize everything a tour leader should be: concerned, considerate, and competent. As for the Australia trip, to put it mildly, it was pure enjoyment from day one. Hats off to you. I am spreading the good word. The video has been shown a couple of times to friends.”

~Diana L. (Nanoose Bay, BC)

“So glad I ordered a DVD! I have taken five trips with you—Kenya, Turkey (twice), Egypt, and more recently South Africa and Zambia. All my best trips have been with you.”

~Margot G. (Point Roberts, WA)

“Having now taken three trips with you, I felt it was time to tell you how good your services are. Well, you are undoubtedly the 'Conrad Hilton' of the tour business. Not only are your tours first class and beyond compare to any others, but they are also hassle free, no fuss, and no strain. You also have a knack of putting together a group of people who have never met one another and who enjoy one another's company.”

~Michael C. (Burnaby, BC)

On tour in China

Assembling for a picture in Bangkok.

“Your newsletters never fail to entice us! We have just booked our fifth David Skillan tour. It took a while to find you, but better late than never!”

~Joan and Geoff L. (Victoria, BC)

“I know this trip will stay with me all my life. Your skills as a leader are honed sharp. I am fortunate to take advantage of all that experience and caring I have heard so much about. I now know why you get so many repeat clients. I plan on becoming one myself.”

~Maureen O. (Ottawa, ON)

“Your East Africa safari was special. Both my daughters were on it. It was my tenth tour with you, and I saw no fewer than 155 birds—about 50 for the first time. It is because your tours are well planned, well organized, and well managed that I keep coming back.”

~Allan S. (Vancouver, BC)

On tour in China

Posing for a picture in Russia.

“Our Kenya and Tanzania safari was a wonderful adventure, made all the more special by your knowledge and expertise. It certainly pays to go with the best!”

~Marjorie and Derek A. (Vernon, BC)

“Through the medium of your wonderful tours and safaris you have made it possible for me to realize a lifelong dream—to go on an African safari. . . . Your personal knowledge and experience was an added and much-appreciated bonus.”

~Harry L. (Sechelt, BC)

 “Just had 94 minutes of pure pleasure watching the DVD of our recent DS trip. It is excellent, and already since receiving it we have viewed it three times. It brings back many fond memories. . . . We will never tire of watching it!”

~Patrick and Hilary O. (Vancouver, BC)

With the statue of Livingstone at Victoria Falls

Stopping at David Livingstone's statue near Victoria Falls.

“Just received the DVD. No wonder you are happy with it! It is a wonderful record of our trip. Can't believe we saw and did so much. One regret though—it was not long enough.”

~Jeanne M. (North Vancouver, BC)

“When I first travelled with you a few years ago (to Equador and the Galapagos), I didn't realize just how good your tours really were. The second time (to Kenya), I noticed your attention to all the little details, and this time (to South Africa), I have come to realize you are an absolute master at escorting tours.”

~Howard P. (Victoria, BC)

“You promised an exciting introduction to a marvelous part of the world, and you certainly provided it. It was a wonderful, worthwhile, super-interesting, fun-filled tour—even better than advertised.”

~Nancy and Stan R. (Edmonton, AB)

On tour in Tanzania

Making the most of a photo op in Tanzania.

“So glad to have heard of your fine company. It gave me the opportunity to take a trip I had often thought of, with stimulating and unique experiences, and the relaxation that comes with smooth organization.”

~Brian H. (Montreal, QC)

“You have the magic of not only being able to organize the tours, but you also have that personal charisma and the attitude that you can do anything—and you absolutely do produce the impossible.”

~Robert and Maureen C. (North Vancouver, BC)

“Always so good to get your newsletters. We have had six wonderful trips with you. . . . Far-away places never fail to interest us, even though our stamina is not what it used to be. Keep leading tours for as long as you can.”

~Helen and Bill R. (Surrey, BC)

On tour in China

Visiting a Japanese temple in Kyoto.

“I went on your tour to Kenya in 1990, and I LOVED it. Hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think about that trip. And my photos are fabulous. I have been to other places, but nothing compares to Africa (or your tour). I don’t want to miss a copy of your newsletters, so please send them to my new address.”

~Renae R. (Langley, BC)

“It was all that you promised, and more. As our adventurous journey comes to an end, we will go away with photographs, memories, and new friends—and in subtle ways we have been changed. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, experience, and love of travel with us.”

~Joan C. (Surrey, BC)

On tour in China

Enjoying the sun in South Africa.

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