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Our Newsletter and Email Updates

Twice a year we publish David Skillan’s World of Travel, an informative, personalized newsletter that has long delighted many of our clients. Approximately once a month we also send out smaller updates by email.

Our newsletter and email updates keep you abreast of David’s tours and safaris. You’ll pick up interesting tidbits and useful information to help you transform your own travels into smooth sailing.

The newsletter is avaialble in print or online. Be sure to let us know which you prefer, and include your mailing address if that’s your preferred mode of delivery.

To have your complimentary newsletter delivered twice a year, plus emailed tour updates, please e-mail davidskillan@skillansafaris.com or phone 604-261-4656.



We’re constantly adding material to the Archives. Bookmark this page and check back often!






Excerpts from David’s Diary


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